Saturday, February 9, 2008

Do you wear, eat, touch, love your brand??

When a Brand Speaks with a Customers Voice

By Erin Esurance

"Conversations swirl around the touchpoints of a brand. We mention our favourite brands over lunch, we wear them, carry them and sometimes even drive them. And what makes their study so fascinating and the demands of their stewardship so challenging is that they can and do embed themselves very deep in the human psyche..."

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Please take my brand to Europe

[...] Creatives and strategic planners need to understand what they have to consider when their client pops the question, ‘Please take my brand to Europe.’ They have to understand what cultural differences affect the creative streams; what the media consumption patterns are; who's open to innovative creative work and who's not; how media and creative regulations may differ between EU countries; but most of all, they have to understand the 'Euroconsumer' - a spoiled consumer living in a highly-developed market, used to choosing his communication channels, having access to broad choice, being fragmented in terms of brand (and media) consumption, used to creative advertising and bored by some [...]

Erik Saelens, Founder, CEO - Brandhome
will provide the creative vision on how to conquer Europe.
Monday 31 March
What MENA/Indian Creatives Should Know When Bringing Their Brands To Europe

16:00 - 16:45
Sheikh Rashid Hall

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Double C

Designed by Coco Chanel, the interlocking Cs first appeared on the lid of Chanel No 5 perfume bottles in 1921.
They have remained a quintessential part of the brand ever since, as classic and elegant as the company they were chosen to represent[...]

...First used in haute couture in 1959 when it appeared on the buttons of a Chanel suit,
it has also appeared inside the brand's classic bag, designed in 1955,
and was added to the item's clasp following Coco's death in 1971.

Read full article by Mark Hughes in The Independent

Ronald's Brand

The McDonald's 'Golden Arches'

First mooted by the McDonald's co-founder Dick McDonald in 1952,
the arches would not go on to become the company's official logo for another 10 years.[...]

.....Fred Turner first sketched a new logo, a stylised "V".
Then Jim Schindler, McDonald's head of engineering and design, sketched a logo
that pictured the slanting roof of the restaurant piercing a line
drawing of the golden arches in the form of an "M".
The "Golden Arches" were born. In 1968, the roof line image was dropped
and the McDonald's name added to derive the current logo.

Read full article in The Independent & check the copycat logo here
Logo expert Andy Payne, said:
"The interesting thing about this logo is that it was born of architecture. The arches were a design to be used in a building and that has created the unique nature of the "M". It does rely on colour, in that you might not recognise it as McDonald's if it was not yellow and red."

Job's Apple

The Apple apple

First designed by the current Apple CEO, Steve Jobs,
the IT giant's original logo was completely different from the one we know today.
It depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting below a tree with an apple falling on his head a tribute to his discovery of gravity.

That logo was replaced in 1976 by a rainbow-coloured silhouette of an apple with a bite taken out of it,
an idea dreamt up by the graphic designer Rob Janoff, which was to remain the same until 1999
when Apple began using a monochrome logo.

The urban myth says that the bitten apple is a reference to Alan Turing, the pioneer of the Enigma code and "father of the computer", who committed suicide in 1954 by taking a bite from a cyanide-laced apple.
Janoff insists that the apple simply represents knowledge.
In 2006, the logo was at the centre of a court dispute between the computer company
and the Beatles' Apple Corps label, which uses an apple as its logo.

Logo expert, Andy Payne, creative director of Interbrand says:
"Again it's an example of a really successful, yet simple, logo."

Via The Independent By Mark Hughes.

The last visual is designed by South African, Vincent Raffray, Creative Director & Partner at Tonic Communications, an indepentent Ad agency based in Dubai.
As for the rest, I can't remember which agency is behind the design, but will, soon Inshallah.

For more Apple Ads, Check ArabAd Zone blog

Branding is a whisper

Advertising is a shout. Branding is a whisper.

Shhhh. Longtime futurist and author Faith Popcorn warns that optimism is passé and brands that trumpet their benefits are hopelessly out of tune with consumers who are sick and tired of marketing's noise.

The founder of 33-year-old consultancy BrainReserve, Popcorn explains why she advises marketers such as Target, GE, McDonald's, Tylenol and Nabisco to build their strategies around whispers and honesty rather than hype and shouts.

But is asking brands to act softly asking too much?

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