Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Olympics 2016, Pick your city

  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected these 7 Cities as potential candidates to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games.
  • Which city will become the next Host City of the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
  • The IOC will select the Host City on October 2, 2009, in Copenhagen.

Representing the nominated cities for 2016 Olympic Games (Oh Gosh! that seems so far...), the use of the infamous Olympic rings symbolising the continents is not permitted till a city is nominated; hence, the absence of It---in case you were wondering, now you know... that these design were submitted before the news of their candidature. Now, the rings can be added...

So, which logo would you pick, if it was you who'd be the one to pick?...

Chicago?! Hmmm...Doesn't mean much; doesn't mean more than a reflection of the city itself, its skylines; as for the star, it means so many things that it ends up meaningless...

Love type and calligraphy so love Doha’s logo event though, many might say that it can't be of a good fit with the Olympics, but then, why not, yeah why not?... The calligraphy actually reads the word Doha in Arabic, from bottom right to left in a semi-circle; am also able to read the word Olympiad as a whole for all the designed lettering, but hey not so certain; Will ask around, who sees or reads what... I heard Fitch is behind the ident, however, the info hasn't been confirm yet...Will soon...

Praha logo contains all 5 olympic colours and features an olive branch, an iconic symbol, in reference probably to ancient Olympiad, Roman times and era , great symbolism in here, if so is the case!

I like Baku cuz i feel some the vibes and one hell of a dynamism pouring within...The logo inspires joy, enchantment, some sort of a healing dance...Bizarre... A vivid interest toward Azerbaidjan has been triggered. Not sure it connects well though with the Olympics though...It depends all on how the rings are to be inserted in here.

Tokyo’s is not so bad at all, looks pretty good, feels pretty good too, Niko, c'est bo!bo!

5 stars for Rio, as the designer has smartly embedded the sun [yellow], the mountains [green] and on the left side the oceans [blue]; of course, only when icon is viewed in 3D perspective;

Madrid is the finger to who knows...But hey, isn't the middle finger a bit out of place? Also, that hand looks much like the one of Dubai Cares organisation...

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the French educational reformer who founded the modern Olympic Movement in 1894, was very passionate about design and took a personal interest in ensuring that the imaging tradition of the Olympic Games advanced along with the sports tradition.

In 1913, he designed the Olympic rings and introduced them on a white flag at a meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Paris. The five interlocking rings represent the bond of friendship established between the five continents (the number recognised at the time), as they join in the celebration of the Games.
The colour palette—blue, black, red, gold and green rings plus the white background—reflect at least one color found in the flags of every nation on earth.

Today, the Olympic rings are one of the most recognised and admired symbols around the world—and research has shown that they still stand for friendship and peace through sport.

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